Educational Program “In the footsteps of Mohammed Ali”

In the footsteps of Mohammed Ali

MOHA Research Center, having as main goal the communication of Mohammed Ali Museum with its public and the reinforcement of its educational role, designed and implemented an educational program for the school year 2014-15, under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education Research and Religious Affairs, entitled “In the footsteps of Mohammed Ali”.

General information:
Addressed to: Students of C, D, E, F classes of Primary School and High School
Persons per group: One school class (up to 25 students)
Duration: 3 school hours (10.30 – 13.30)
Dates: From October 2014 to June 2015
Design Team: Evangelia Damianaki, Asimina Kalentziou, Eudoxia Triantafillidou
Implementation: Asimina Kalentziou
Cost of participation: 5€ per student

Objectives of the course:
• the life period and the work of Mohammed Ali
• the stressing of the intercultural dimension of Kavala in the 18th century
• to underline the productive coexistance of muslims, jews and christians of that era
• to connect the past with the present
• to familiarize the students with the museum
• to mobilize the senses and emotions
• to act as a stimulus for further activities in the classroom
• to be the motive for further personal research

Short description-methodology:
The program is designed according to the principles and applications of theatrical art in education (Theatre in Education) and it’s structured in episodes, consisting of dramatic action and educational activities. The animator plays the role of Naz that is borrowed of the central character of the play of Mike Kenny “The boy with the suitcase” and acts as a link between Mohammed Ali and children, between then and now by bringing universal meanings.

TypeEducational Program
DateOctober 2014 - June 2015
VenueMohammed Ali Museum