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1st Educational Program for Syrian Refugees Children

MOHA Research Center, as part of its research and educational initiatives, designed and realized a pilot program, called “Educational Program for Syrian Refugees Children”, aiming at preparing the children for their integration into the Greek Education System. 

A small number of 216 refugees were hosted in the municipality of Kavala. Among them 106 children aged between 1 to 18 years old. MOHA realized the 1st Educational Program for 55 refugees children from Syria, aged between 5 to 14 years old. This program aimed at preparing these children for their integration into the Greek Educational System.

This action started on 17-8-2016 and lasted for four weeks, with three 4-hour sessions per week. Children were divided in three groups of 5-7, 7-12 and 12-14 years old. It was based on the holistic approach to language (whole language approach), and on the literature and tales about animals. Also, aesthetic educational activities (art-music-theater) and basic English and Arabic language courses were implemented. Part of the educational material aimed to support the contact of children with their cultural origin. The program was completed on 9 September, 2016. The project was fulfilled by the teacher Mrs. Thomais Kartsiotou.

The program was executed with the support of the Department of the Primary Education of Kavala and with the help of more than 20 local volunteers teachers from Primary and Secondary school and other specialists (engineers, foresters, police, etc.), who showed passion and enthusiasm during all the activities. The contribution of Syrian teachers from the refugee camp, was also significant. Translation was offered by pilot students from Arab countries, who attend the Egnatia Aviation Flight Training Organization, based at Kavala International Airport. Mothers, who accompanied children, were involved in this action by helping at the preparation of small meals offered by MOHA. 

A presentation of this action can be found here

MOHA’s Executive Board would like to thank all the volunteers, mentioned below, for their support: Vasiliki Rapti, Ioanna Milona, Spiros Dimitriadis, Niki Theodosiou, Fotini Mihalaki, Anastasia Grigoriadou, Lefteris Baltzidis, Voula Kagiasa, Maria Soulidu, Georgia Tzelepi, Evanthia Mpotsi, Tarsi Christodoulou, Nikoletta Stafidou, Athina Istatiadou, Zafeiroula Mouriadou, Alexandros Parissidis, Dimitris Tzoumas, Valentina Magaliou, Christos Paschalousis, Aimilia Nycha, Pantelis Aslanidis, Parthena Ioannidou.

MOHA would like to coordially thank all the Syrian volunteers for their great cooperation and help.

TypeEducational Program
Date August - December 2017

2nd Educational Program for Syrian Refugees Children

MOHA Research Center, after the 1st Educational Program and its acceptance from both children and parents, organized the “2nd Educational program for Syrian refugees children”, for 15 children aged between 13 to 21 years old. The main objective of this program was the familiarization of Syrian children with Greek language and basic greek words that would help them move easily in a Greek city and feel part of the society. Moreover, part of the session aimed at the socializing of the refugees and their smooth integration into the Greek society through language game-activities such as greek songs, literacy games and pantomime. The program was fulfilled by the teacher Mrs. Εvanthia Mpotsi and lasted from 13-09-2016 until 29-09-2016. 

3rd Educational Program for Syrian Refugees Children

Finally, MOHA Research Center organized the “3rd Educational Program for Syrian Refugees Children” for 25 children aged betwenn 12 to 22 years old, which included both Greek and English language courses, held by volunteer teachers from Kavala, and socializing activities (visits to museums, archaeological sites, a radio station in the town hall, etc.) with the participation of local Institutions. This program lasted from 12-10-2016 until 15-12-2016.

The main objectives of this program were:

– to strengthen children’s ability to speak and perform in Greek and English language

– to enhance children’s socialization

– to help children discover the city of Kavala itself through activities in the town

– to teach specific vocabulary concerning identity, family and friends, months and days, jobs, town and signs

– to encourage them make a basic conversation, get instructions or express their feelings and ideas in Greek or English language

MOHA’s Executive Board would like to thank all the volunteers, mentioned below, for their support: Evanthia Mpotsi, Georgia Tzelepi, Eleni Karamanlidou, Anastasia Hatzivasilaki, Eleni Karamanlidou and Mary Orgianopoulou.

MOHA would also like to coordially thank Municipality of Kavala, Tobacco Museum, Red Cross, TREFPYNKT Club, Radio Station Alpha and the Ancient Theatre of Philippi for their contribution to this project.