Director’s Message

I am honored to be taking over the position of the Director General of the institution, a mission with which I was entrusted by the board of directors and its President, Mrs. Anna Missirian. MOHA Research Center completes fourteen years of active cultural activity and scientific research. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I become part of a distinguished group of researchers and people who share the same admiration for history, science and art, as well as respect for the cultural diversity found in the Mediterranean region and the wider modern world.  

Greece, thanks to its geographical location, has always been a crossroad between East and West, while the Eastern Mediterranean has always been a place of coexistence of many ethnicities, religions and cultures. MOHA Research Center aims at the study, recording, documentation and promotion of the historical and eternal interaction of these cultures, through the organization of research, educational and artistic activities. Since the beginning of its function and occasionally in collaboration with universities and cultural organizations in Greece, Europe and the Middle East, MOHA has accomplished a variety of actions of artistic, historical and scientific interest.  

I hope to contribute to the efforts of MOHA Research Center with my passion and knowledge as well as continuing to expand its impact in intercultural dialogue, and issue that has always been worthy of research and thought but is emerging at the forefront of many discourses and policies today more than ever.  With challenges of all kinds constantly appearing and international rivalries rekindled, we are called to face them by highlighting the elements that unite us with targeted and collective efforts by following paths of mutual respect and communication.    


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Theodoros J. Theodorou

Ambassador a.h Director General of MOHA Research Center

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