7 Ways to Get Involved

1/ Social Media

Support MOHA’s initiatives by sharing our articles, videos and website on social media. 

2/ Cultural Events

Join our cultural events.

3/ Heritage Story

Share with us a multicultural story for connected cultures and customs adopted by various civilisations. Share a video or text about shared heritage. Please see here examples of Heritage Stories. 

4/ Instagram

Relay photos about culture and heritage to MOHA’s Instagram.

5/ Become a Researcher

Share with us an academic project reflecting our research environment.

6/ Become a Member

Membership offers a wide range of opportunities for those involved. For more information click here.

7/ Become a Sponsor

MOHA’s financial well-being depends on the generosity of its supporters. Its goals require the support of everyone who values cultural dialogue and the preservation and dissemination of culture. For more information click here.

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