Become a member

People that recognize the important mission of MOHA Research Center can contribute with their subscription to the achievement of its goals, as MOHA constitutes a charitable, non-profit organization.

However, more important, from someone’s financial contribution, is the moral support of members with their active presence at conferences, lectures, fairs, concerts and other events organized by MOHA.

Privileges for MOHA’s members:


Member 60€

  • Free entrance to the permanent and periodical exhibitions at Mohammed Ali Museum and Imaret
  • Tours to exhibitions before the official opening
  • Invitation to special tours by artists or curators
  • Invitation and free participation to MOHA’s events
  • Free entrance and guided tour at Mohammed Ali Museum and Imaret
  • Access to scientific and academic research in the archives of Imaret
  • Discount (10%) on Children’s Education Programs
  • Discount (10%) on the items of the auction house, the MOHA publications and the café of the Museum